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On Take Eat Easy, you can order dishes from the best restaurants in Brussels. Feel like italian, japanese, thai or even lebanese? Take Eat Easy selected the best restaurants for you. Pho Pho , Café Gudule and many more are available for delivery to make your life easier.

Feel like ordering from one restaurant in particular? Just enter its name in the search bar to have a direct view of all the dishes available for delivery, or take out in Brussels

You would rather like to eat italian, or you’re looking for one ingredient in particular? Just enter your keywords and our online search engine will find the dish that’s best suited for you.

You just have to order, get delivered and enjoy your night!

After ordering, Take Eat Easy gives you the possibility to share your experience by writing a comment. Those comments are very valuable to help next users choose what they will order.

Enjoy your visit, and bon appétit!

How does it work ?

Enter your address, choose a restaurant, compose your meal and confirm your order!

  1. Enter your address

    Enter your address and discover the many restaurants that we deliver from.

  2. Choose a restaurant

    Choose the restaurant that matches your preferences.

  3. Compose your meal

    Compose your meal with starters, main dishes, desserts and drinks curated by the restaurant.

  4. Confirm your order

    Confirm your order and enjoy yourself until your meal arrives!

Reliable delivery with a smile

Your order will be delivered by bike, within 45 minutes, and with a smile. (moustache not guaranteed).

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Kilometers traveled 378
Number of deliveries 108
Kilometers traveled 917
Number of deliveries 262
Kilometers traveled 336
Number of deliveries 96
Mehdi B
Mehdi B
Kilometers traveled 511
Number of deliveries 146
Francois R
Francois R
Kilometers traveled 1487
Number of deliveries 425
Kilometers traveled 1883
Number of deliveries 538
François J
François J
Kilometers traveled 2338
Number of deliveries 668
Kilometers traveled 1438
Number of deliveries 411
Kilometers traveled 325
Number of deliveries 93
Kilometers traveled 1830
Number of deliveries 523
Thomas B
Thomas B
Kilometers traveled 724
Number of deliveries 207

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